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Morality and Interior Transformation

So I want to throw a couple of questions out there for anyone still reading this blog, and maybe we can get the discussion going again.

1. For those who feel that they have gone or ARE going through a major transformation, please tell us what it looks like from the inside. What were your previous attitudes, perceptions, and views and how did they change? What did they change to? What is shifting or did shift in your awareness, and why/how does/did that feel important?

2. Each stage of awareness has its own morality, even though this is a touchy subject for a lot of people. How does non-pathological pluralistic morality look to you from the inside? How does integral or self-actualized morality look to you from the inside, for those who are in that space? How does it differ from pluralistic morality, and what does it add? And given that ALL stages of awareness find ways of legislating their own version of morality, how would it look to legisltate self-actualized morality on a societal scale (I would say "non-oppressively," but if it's truly stemming from self-actualization/integral awareness applied on a large scale, this wouldn't happen anyway)?
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