Treasured Acquaintance (lonely_doll) wrote in i_witness,
Treasured Acquaintance


I was just out walking around campus, the way I do when the weather permits (a sadly narrow window here in Minneapolis). It's always much more pleasant walking through campus during break, because you practically get the place to yourself.

Anyway, I was letting my mind wander and enjoying my increasing awareness of everything and I had one of those little flashes of knowing. After the flash had passed, I was able to start forming it into words, and I'm still feeling kind of high from it, but it's like - there is no outside divine, because we (and everything) are just separate manifestations of it. And that's why it's so clear that everything is interconnected - in a much more essential way than just being interconnected in the sense that whatever action anything takes it has an effect on the rest of eternity. Everything is, in actual fact, interconnected.

This is something I've known before, but it's incomparable when you know it.
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I find it interesting that you came about this experience in pretty much the opposite way that I did. My intuition was more a direct experience of there being something divine within me (that little part that's always trying to direct you to do the right thing, express fully, the part that knows things without showing its work) and realizing that that's in everyone and everything, and not in a separate sense.

Yours sounds a little more encompassing than that little flash I had at the time.
That's really interesting! I think maybe I've been very attached to my sense of self for a long time and I've had to kind of steer away from that.
I think whichever aspect of reality you focus on, you can have these experiences. Because it's all basically the same. :)

Deleted comment

That's a great way to put it. And it's easy to get very sentimental about the natural world, and forget that there's a very good reason that we as humans have chosen to build things as they are. I've always found a really spiritual dimension in aesthetics.
Emerson writes some about that--nature and nation mysticism.
I should read more of his work - I'm more familiar with Thoreau.